Patrick Rowan Dip.A,CTS  AOCA

Painter, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Designer

Landscape Paintings
And Sketches

Patrick Rowan completed studies in Toronto at Central Tech's Special Art Course and at the Ontario College of Art.

The landscape watercolours presented here are a portion of his working portfolio.

Fine art reproductions of these works are available for sale.

Toronto Harbour
Mayors Boat Killarney Ontario
Nest Above The Narrows Point Au Baril Ontario
Napier Street House Dundas Ontario
Napier Street House Dundas Ontario
Tarantau Great Lakes Ship Toronto Harbour
Kincardine Farm Kincardine Ontario
Killarney RIdge, Killarney Provincial ParkOntario
Killarney Boatworks, Killarney, Ontario
Napier Street House Dundas Ontario
Chikinishing RIver, Killarney, Ontario
North Of Newcastle, Newcastle, OntarioOntario
Killarney Channel, Killarney Ontario
Cottage Ontario
Toronto Skyline, Toront, Ontario
Brignall Banks, Pointe Au Baril,Ontario
Onandaga Farm Ontario
Outside Carvalho, Portugal
Cherry Beach Life Saving Station, Cherry Beach, Toronto
Killarney Talekeeper, Killarney,Ontario
Cherry Beach Chipwagon Toronto
Melville And Matilda Streets, Dundas Ontario
Major Mackenzie Farm major Mackenzie Rd and Woodbine Ave
Alhambra, Granada, Spain
GFooderham And Worts Factory Toronto
Parry Sound Belvedere Heights
Bennetts Apple Orchards IN Hamilton Ontario
 Preserves For Sale On KIng Street in Dundas Ontario
La Mancha, Spain
 MiddletonRoad, Ancaster Ontario
Algarve, Portugal
 South Of Newtonville, Newtonville, Ontario
Outside Carvalho, Portugal
 Tobacco Farm in Tillsonburg, Ontario
Cabin In The Woods, Gananoque, Ontario
Canary Restaurant, Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario
Melville Gate, Dundas, Ontario
Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Country Road, Newtonville, Ontario